Captive Portals

What makes a great signal?

Utilizing what you have
Or incorporate more


Power is distance

The position is key, and golden is to be free from objects.


Extend your range

Drop offs and dead zones, covered.


Bandwidth and bottlenecks

Limit your consumers, add quality of service.


Best uses


The average router in the modern home is quite inadequate. The heavy use of our phones and other devices create a lot of work for the simple mind of these devices. In some cases, I can offer an upgrade to the firmware to make them more able to communicate better. Others may include the ability to change the firmware to an opensource flavor, enabling many special features. Sometimes a client needs to be aware of obstacles that may block or absorb the signal of the device. In these situations, you may want to try a different placement of the wifi router itself. A lot of places have a limited range that devices can connect to. With an extender, one can make that space bigger and much faster. I hope to bring new solutions to old problems that we all have faced in this communication age.

  • Bad coverage of WiFi signal
  • Slow speeds when everyone is connected
  • The Internet is out, restart the router
  • Information is not privet


Understanding these things that cause us frustration in our lives is a way to express with new and innovative tools! These paths that are created through the wifi router can be set and made user-friendly, in a way that advertises for you. It can be more than just extending a network or upgrading firmware. The more is what's called a captive portal. It is what we are used to when we are traveling to the airport. With this use in our own wifi network, we can direct traffic directly to your site from your business. I would like to offer my experience and know how to anyone who struggles with information on the communication superhighway.

  • Extend your network, relieving stress on your modem
  • Increase the capacity of your signal
  • Updates will cure most things that ale your router
  • Each client has there privet path to the internet, no cross talk