Website Design & Hosting

$65.00 $50.00

A website is created, built for you and your needs in mind. Taking the headache out of the equation by showing you how to use it, change it, and add new things to it. I can create with you something that makes you stand out. Together we build, you can learn how to make things happen. SEO, advertising, self-booking for hotels, rentals, credit card processing, ticket sales for events, an online store for your things or media. A basic site with 6 pages I’m charging S/1000 for a total site, other options available. Hosting with me is S/30 per month with maintenance included…



First steps

Building a website for the first time can be a daunting task with a very expensive learning curve. Having a computer guy that knows there stuff is something priceless. Getting everything set up and dialed in, this is what I do. From the beginning to the end I can do it all.


This is what you are paying for here. This fee is for our first meeting and discussing the terms and the layout. It covers my travel and for some of my time. If we make an agreement and your site is to be created this small fee is paid at that moment and will be shown on the final bill.

Time it may take

Working on your new site and creating the things that are needed will take time. The site itself will need approximately 15 days to come to a final draft. Before we publish the site (remove the under construction message) together we will go through and make sure it is `set completely.

Working in this field for many years the hours I usually spend building a new site is 25-35. Taking photos and doing the edits, recording videos and splicing them together is time-consuming but it is a passion of mine.

Hosting & Servicing

Having your site hosted with me on my servers ensures that anything is possible. No extra fees, no-cost changes for the service. The power to sell and `be secure is harnessed within my systems.


A big part of what a well-designed site can do is sell things. From good to services WooCommerce can have your products selling. The power of hotel bookings as a channel manager to renting and taking credit cards is all possible.